AST Defeasance is proud to offer our clients and even easier way to keep track of their Defeasance cost. You can simply provide us with your current portfolio and have an email arrive at the beginning of every month that provides you with a complete snapshot of your defeasance liabilities.

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Since 2007, AST has closed over 5,000 deals covering over $15bn in defeasances.

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Defeasance Recent Deals Closed

Loan: $36,000,000 / Maturity: 2023 / Defeasance Date: March 2020

Self Storage
Loan: $27,000,000 / Maturity: 2021/ Defeasance Date: March 2020

Loan: $40,500,000 / Maturity: 2022/ Defeasance Date: March 2020

Loan: $21,000,000 / Maturity: 2022 / Defeasance Date: February 2020